Wednesday, July 04, 2012

BIN 12: Day Fifteen

Anoth­er great day- lots of peo­ple, lots of work. In Trench 1, the small exten­sion to the trench we put in this sea­son which has proved so prob­lem­at­ic has now resolved itself into a sub­stan­tial wall, prob­a­bly of medieval date. It joins the south-east cor­ner of the now absent medieval build­ing and may be some­how relate, although I doubt it is anoth­er struc­ture. 

Near­by there was work going on dis­man­tling the prob­a­bly medieval fea­tures on top of the bar­rack block. Along the se side of the embank­ment there was good work unpick­ing the drain fea­ture, traces of which may also be start­ing to emerge on the ne side too in the area where there has been lots of clean­ing back. Other activ­i­ty in this trench includes unpick­ing fea­tures along the out­side of the bar­rack, includ­ing an area with very heavy iron stain­ing- per­haps evi­dence for indus­tri­al activ­i­ty.