Wednesday, July 11, 2012

BIB12: Day Twenty-One

Many apolo­gies for the lack of post yes­ter­day -events con­spired against me. Today we have a con­tri­bu­tion from Brad again "Despite rain­ing through much of the evening, the site remained in decent enough con­di­tion to con­tin­ue work­ing this morn­ing. Peter treat­ed the group to a tour devot­ed to Trench 1 that allowed every­body to take a step back and see how things are com­ing along. 

As the morn­ing pro­gressed, Roman era wall stones belong­ing to the bar­rack block in Trench 1 were iden­ti­fied along their south­ern exten­sions. Though we were sure the struc­ture's foun­da­tion would run fur­ther south and out of our exca­va­tion cut, it was nice to final­ly find Roman stone beneath the rougher hewn stone iter­a­tions of later peri­od walls. 

Rosie has con­tin­ued to work on the drain run­ning north-south and par­al­lel to the east­ern ram­part of the fort. It will be very inter­est­ing to see how it pro­gress­es as it meets the north-eastern cor­ner of the trench! Matt has iden­ti­fied a third poten­tial line run­ning at a right angle from the drainage ditch men­tioned by Prof. Petts in his post on Day Nine­teen.