Monday, July 16, 2012

BIB12: Day Twenty-Four

Back to work after a busy week­end that took in trips to Sege­dunum and the Great North Muse­um. Lots of peo­ple on site (although a cer­tain Jamie Arm­strong was notable by his absence) and lots of work done. 

In Trench 1, new work com­menc­ing in the bar­rack - a crack team of trow­ellers man­aged to reveal a nice new area of flag­stone floor­ing to the south of (and pre­sum­ably ear­li­er than) the cen­tral pit- they also uncov­ered a nice square cut fea­ture that appeared to cut through a pos­si­ble inter­nal cross wall. In gen­er­al there was an increas­ing amount of plan­ning and other record­ing going on in the south­ern half of the trench, although some peo­ple were still scrap­ing away at sur­faces. 

On the north­ern edge of the trench, the cob­bled sur­face appeared to be cut by a row of post-holes that ran par­al­lel with the embank­ment - no clear date though. In Trench 2, at the west­ern end there was a prob­a­bly new stone capped drain run­ning close to the oven/flue arrange­ment uncov­ered last week. In Build­ing 2, ini­tial explo­ration of the floor sur­face seemed to sug­gest that the flue from the oven car­ried sub­stan­tial­ly out­side the east­ern wall of the struc­ture.