Thursday, July 12, 2012

Arthurian ebook update

Yes, still work­ing on it. I'd hoped to have had it out by now but decid­ed to change the for­mat, which, of course, had a knock-on effect. A video edit­ing dead­line has also pre­vent­ed me from doing as much as I would have liked to have done, but I have three weeks hol­i­day com­ing up, in which time out hope to com­plete it … 'hope' being the oper­a­tive word!

I'm also still play­ing around with the title, and, as you can see by the image, it's cur­rent­ly called 'King' Arthur – Folk­lore, Fact and Fic­tion, with the sub­ti­tle of 'An explo­ration of the Arthurs of early his­to­ry, folk­lore & mythol­o­gy'. (Arthurs, plur­al, refer­ring to not only an Arthur of Badon, but the one of mythol­o­gy, topog­ra­phy and fiction, Arc­turus (Ark­touros),Lucius Arto­rius Cas­tusArtúr mac Áedán, Artúr mac Coaning, Arthur ap Pedr, Artuir filio Bicoir, Artharus rig Cruth­ni, Artur mac Bruide, Arthur Penuchel and other Bre­ton Arthurs). If there are any bet­ter sug­ges­tions out there for a title, I'm very will­ing to hear them.