Thursday, July 12, 2012

Archaeology team search for Roman cemetery in Middlewich

AN archaeological dig is currently taking place in Middlewich in a bid to find a Roman cemetery. Experts from Oxford Archaeology North are excavating land in King Street industrial estate and are expected to stay on site until late August. They are also hoping to make discoveries relating to Roman industry. It follows tests on the site in 2008 which revealed evidence of cremation urns.

"That gives us a good indication that there's something there," said Kerry Fletcher, heritage officer for Middlewich Town Council.
"The Romans occupied Middlewich for 400 years so there's got to be a cemetery somewhere.
"It's a very complex site because as we dig it's growing and growing in size.
"We still don't know how big the Roman settlement was. This will go some way to answer that question."

Fragments of Roman pottery have already been recovered from the excavation so far which are thought to be from the late 1st century.