Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Archaeologists at Chedworth Roman Villa reveal the final section of one of the longest in-situ mosaics in the country

It is the latest stage in a project to display and conserve more of the mosaics at the villa north of Cirencester.
The excavations are taking place inside the new £3 million conservation shelter opened by the National Trust at Chedworth Roman Villa allowing greater access to the mosaics from raised walkways.
It is part of a summer of activities which includes a visit by Legio Augusta II with a display of the might of Rome. Now visitors can watch archaeologists as they uncover the final section of the 35 metre long corridor mosaics at the villa – one of the longest in-situ corridor mosaics in the country.  Archaeologist Martin Papworth said they didn't know what they would find as they exposed the mosaics.

'We know there was a doorway there but we don't know what the mosaic inside it is like – we are hoping to find something exciting, maybe reveal a new design in the mosaic. We are removing an old tarmac path and then carefully removing layers of soil to uncover the mosaic.

Via http://www.ntsouthwest.co.uk/2012/07/archaeologists-at-chedworth-roman-villa-reveal-the-final-section-of-one-of-the-longest-in-situ-mosaics-in-the-country/