Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Alesia Museum / Bernard Tschumi Architects

The project marks an archeological site in central France and commemorates the history of the battle between Julius Cesar and the Gauls in 52 B.C. Although all traces of the battle have been obliterated, the new museum complex recreates battlements and earthworks and provides interpretation for the area, which consists of several sites spread over a valley that contains a small medieval town.

The scheme consists of two separate but related structures. One building is a museum, located at the position of the Gauls during the siege at the top of the hill above the town. A second building is a visitors' center located at the Roman position in the fi elds below the town. The public client wanted both buildings to appear as non-obtrusive as possible in their respective contexts. The museum is built of stones, similar in look to the town buildings, but with contemporary technology, and is buried partially into the hill so that from above it appears as an extension of the landscape. Visitors may go to the roof to view the surrounding landscape from the position that the Gauls did two thousand years ago.

Via http://www.archdaily.com/254235/alesia-museum-bernard-tschumi-architects/