Saturday, July 14, 2012

Adapting to life at Gabii

Upon my arrival in Rome, I ran into a wall. A wall of heat. The Italian climate was among the first things, if not the very first, that struck me as I exited the airport, already drenched in sweat and now fully aware that a jumper and jeans were items of clothing that should have been left in the British Isles and forgotten about for the next five weeks. 

After spending the spring semester studying at the University of Edinburgh (in the heart of cold, damp Scotland), digging at hot, dry Gabii and living in equally hot, dry Rome has been quite a shock to my system. I've been adjusting to the weather differences and lack of air conditioning through a variety of methods, most notably: drinking countless liters of water each day, taking entirely cold showers, and eating frozen fruits (I highly recommend frozen grapes--they are surprisingly addictive). 

Overall, I think I'm adapting to the Mediterranean climate and will be well-prepared to return to the heat of North Carolina.