Friday, July 13, 2012

ACM Arquitectura's Contemporary Canopy Protects Ancient Roman Ruins in Cartagena, Spain

A unique canopy covering a Roman ruin Le Molinete in the city of Cartagena, Spain adds contemporary vibrancy to the ancient site. Lightly hovering above the stone walls, Amann, Cánovas and Maruri's steel and polycarbonate enclosure makes sure to protect the ruins with minimal disturbance, and it helps to integrate the site with the surrounding city.
Like an illuminated steel-lined cloud, the canopy rolls across the ruins and billows on a neighboring building. It deflects rain from the site, preserving the ancient crumbling stone walls, and perforated steel panels at top reduce the intensity of the sun. In the evening, the corrugated polycarbonate is illuminated from below, becoming a beacon over the old portion of the city.