Sunday, July 15, 2012

2 Gold Necklaces Found in Bulgaria's Roman Colony Debelt

Two gold necklaces have already been found in the recently discovered Romantombs in Debelt, in southeastern Bulgaria.

The news was reported Sunday by the Bulgarian Standard daily.

The archaeological team began research of the tombs last week. The two Romantombs emerged at the beginning of the month after a truck carrying concrete for a construction site near the village of Debelt in the Strandzha mountain caused the precious discovery.

The truck was on a dirt road near the main one between the Black Sea city of Burgas and Sredets. The road caved in under its weight and uncovered the marble plates of aRoman tomb, most likely dating from the 2nd-3rd century A.C. Another tomb was discovered nearby in the aftermath.

The archaeologists say the finds, mostly from very rich burials, have already exceeded their expectations. A skeleton of a man buried with clothes weaved with gold treat and beads is part of these finds. Because of the clothes and the bronze embalming vessel discovered beside the skeleton, they think this was someone wealthy and from the gentility.