Monday, June 04, 2012

Wall Mile 4

We cross the road patiently (the little green men on the crossing seldom synchronise) and plunge down Westgate Road, past the bike shops and 'greasy spoons' before we arrive at the ceremonial way known as St James' Boulevard leading to the magisterial heart of Newcastle (which used to be called St James but is now something dully commercial), a temple to sport that has been allowed to break all planning good taste and sit on the horizon in exactly the way ugly sports stadia shouldn't. Ignore it and press on. When this road was punched through and the old porn cinema demolished they found traces of the medieval city ditch but also of the Wall itself, which the property frontages have dutifully been following. Finally, and rather unexpectedly (you'll see why in a moment), we reach the site of Milecastle 4 (Westgate Road), although the astute will note a slight adjustment in line just before we do.