Thursday, June 14, 2012

Adventures in Ohio: Pompeii exhibit comes to Ohio

Unless you have lived in Italy, you could only have dreamed of seeing the archeological treasures dating back to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. They were all unearthed from what was the thriving city of Pompeii before the volcano covered it in 20 feet of burning ash.

But what nature destroyed it also preserved. "We totally rediscovered this 2,000 year old ancient roman town and found all these artifacts that represented what was going on in that town the day it was destroyed," said Dave Duszynski from the Cincinnati Museum Center.

Now more than 250 artifacts from Pompeii are on temporary display at the Cincinnati Museum Center. You will find everything from gold jewelry and coins, to marble and bronze statues, to finely detailed artifacts like a gladiator helmet once used by gladiators in the Pompeii Coliseum.

There are also large frescos that were somehow perfectly preserved among the ruins.

"The Romans painted their walls with beautiful scenes to represent what was important to them in their life; the gods and goddesses. It was a very important wine community, so Bacchus the god of wine, is featured prominently," Duszynski said.