Saturday, May 26, 2012

Imperium Sine Fine: Teaching Pompeii: A Guide to Resources

The study of Pompeii is one of the highlights of my teaching year. Pompeii offers so much for the student of the ancient world, from politics to business, religion to art, daily life to natural disaster. It also provides the opportunity to examine a very ordinary Roman city, much like many other settlements across the Empire. 

In contrast to the monuments and grandeur of Rome where the lives of 'ordinary' people can disappear (although see Mary Beard's recent documentary series on this topic), Pompeii reflects the lives of people like you and I. The purpose of this post is to outline some of the resources I have found useful in planning and delivering courses on Pompeii. For obvious reasons, this cannot be an exhaustive list and I hope that readers will feel free to add feedback and suggestions below.