Saturday, May 05, 2012

DIG: “Villa of the Antonines” archaeological field school

Undergraduate and graduate students may be interested in Montclair State University's archaeological field school at the "Villa of the Antonines" in Genzano di Roma, Italy, which is directed by Deborah Chatr Aryamontri and myself and centers around an Antonine-era villa complex once decorated with luxurious marbles and multi-colored mosaics, located in ancient Lanuvium and close to Rome as well as to places in the Alban Hills that traditionally have been of central interest to classicists: The sanctuary of Diana at Aricia, the Museum of the Ships of Caligula at Nemi, and the Alban Lake.

Dates: July 1-28, 2012. Cost: $3,500 plus tuition (variable according to undergraduate/graduate status and residency inside or outside of New Jersey) plus airfare. Previous field experience not required. Includes introduction to excavation, artifact analysis, basic surveying, and drawing. Weekend field trips to Rome, Ostia, Alban Hills.