Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wall Mile 18

The Trail takes us over the road and onto the north lip of the ditch for some 300m, recently cleared of vegetation so that it is now easier to see. Then we have a detour to negotiate, taking us to the north of Wall Houses farm. We return to the north lip of the ditch again for the next stint, which brings us to another Millennium Bridge which actually takes us over the ditch. We are then, rather spectacularly, trotting along the verge of the Military Road, traffic roaring past at 60mph (so care is advised, naturally) until we dive into the next section of fenced-off Trail which actually takes us along the bottom of the ditch (we haven't been here for a while so it is a welcome return to this particular perspective for our mural ramblings), emerging next to the incongruously named Robin Hood pub.