Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wall Mile 16

The Trail leads us downhill towards a crossing of a side road (the usual caution is advised), and then past the lower northern reservoir. Nobody will be surprised to learn that the reservoirs have obliterated all trace of the Wall, even the Vallum, 

When Campbell and Debbeig were conducting their survey in 1749, prior to the construction of the Military Road, they found time to note a portion of curtain wall standing along here to a height of four courses. This of course was soon converted into the raw materials necessary for road construction, but the degree of their antiquarian interest is intriguing. One cannot but wonder at how broadly they interpreted their brief to survey a course for a new road so that it included mapping large parts of the Roman Wall as it then was. Indeed, their detailed survey seems to have been a major (and perhaps the only) source for the map drawn up by Nathaniel Hill for John Warburton's rehash of the section of Horsley's Britannia Romana that dealt with the Wall. And they tell us piracy is a modern problem in the publishing industry.