Saturday, April 21, 2012

CONF: Ego primus iambos ostendi Latio: Re-evaluating Horace’s Epodes

Horace proclaims his Epodes an innovative triumph (ego primus iambos/ ostendi Latio, Ep. 1.19.23f.) yet until very recently they have remained in the gutter of the Augustan canon. For some his uncompromising iambic persona is considered too unsavoury for serious study; for others the Epodes pale in comparison with his Odes and are dismissed as Horace's poetic early years (the B-Side to the Satires). Contemporary scholarship, however, is beginning to readdress the balance: important studies on the collection's unity, representations of the Horatian persona(e), and consideration of the Epodes' relationship to the Greek iambic tradition have helped to revive critical interest in Horace's Epodes.

This conference seeks to build on this work with the aim of rehabilitating the Epodes as poems with a complex literary texture. Topics to be explored include: Horatian Iambus; Horatian Fable; intertextual play between the Epodes and the works of authors, both previous and subsequent, such as Lucilius, Ovid, Quintilian, and Petronius. Confirmed speakers include: Susanna Braund, Curtis Dozier, Ian Goh, Julia Nelson Hawkins, Tom Hawkins, Timothy Johnson, and Michael Sullivan.