Monday, April 09, 2012

The Bisextile Year

Today is a very unusual day: i.e. the "leap-day" of February 29th, which only happens once every four years. In my time as a devotee of Antinous, this day has only happened twice before, and this is thus the third time it has occurred since 2002.

Many ancient societies reckoned leap-year in their calendars. The Romans had an interesting way of reckoning it, which gives its name to the present blog entry. Because February was at the end of their year, and was the final month in their calendar, February got an additional day before the Kalends of March. However, it was not reckoned as "the 29th of February" for them. Instead, it was reckoned as a "Bisextile Year." Now, I know what you're thinking: what do bisexuals have to do with tile-work? Sure, lots of Romans were what we'd call "bisexual," and I'm sure more than one Roman who made roofing tiles or tiles for baths was bisexual…but, that didn't mean that they got leap-years off or any such thing!