Monday, February 06, 2012

Swift Action Preserves Roman Past for the Future

The team from Gallagher Group, the Maidstone-based building, civil engineering, quarrying and property business, has helped local archaeologists preserve a Roman building through the winter.

Answering the call from the Maidstone Area Archaeological Group to safeguard its excavation of a Roman building in East Farleigh, Gallagher Group carefully backfilled the site after donating one of its mechanical diggers and staff for the day.

Linda Weeks, Honorary Secretary of the Maidstone Area Archaeological Group, said: "We are very grateful to Gallagher Group for their generosity in supplying us the men and equipment for our excavation at East Farleigh.

"We were concerned that the ragstone walls of the Roman buildings would have been damaged by the winter frosts, but Gallagher's timely intervention has meant that these walls have now been preserved. The members of our group who attended were impressed with the speed and professionalism shown by the men."

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