Monday, February 06, 2012

Spartacus Vengeance: Fugitivus

Spartacus is back! Yay! With more blood and tits than ever. OK, that's probably not physically possible - with just as much blood and tits as ever. The new subtitle isn't fooling anyone - this is still Spartacus: Blood and Tits.

If you haven't read any of my Spartacus reviews before, I should probably mention that I tend to use nicknames for most of the main characters, partly because I have a Christmas-cracker style sense of humour but mostly because I have trouble remembering everyone's names. There are a few exceptions, of which Crixus is one. He's got an easy name. Anyway, they're mostly fairly self-explanatory, but just in case:

DSG = Oenomaus (it stands for Drill Sergeant Guy, because that's the role he used to play in the ludus in Seasons 1 and, er, 0.5).
Xena = Lucretia (Lucy Lawless)
Paris Hilton = Ilithyia, because her character reminds me of Paris Hilton and tends to provoke similar… emotions… in the audience
Haldir = Glaber (Craig Parker)
Neighbours Reject = Varro, Spartacus' late and not overly lamented friend from the ludus from Season 1

I think that's everyone who appears in this episode.

Obviously, since the tragic death of Andy Whitfield, Spartacus is now played by Liam McIntyre. He actually looks a bit like Whitfield, albeit a little stockier, but that's not really the point. His performance as Spartacus is spot on - the character is a little changed, mostly due to his changed circumstances, but McIntyre slips into the role easily. The physical resemblence is quite useful in that it protects the writers from any temptation to have him say the line 'I'm Spartacus' - this was Rome's solution to a change of actor for much less tragic reasons, but in the case of Spartacus, that line holds so much meaning that under the circumstances such a usage might risk looking disrespectful to Whitfield. Also, I suspect they're saving that line for bigger and better things, particularly given that we were reminded towards the end of the episode that it was a name given to him by the Romans, not his birth name.

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