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Roman Provincial Coinage Online

The aim of the project is to produce a standard typology of the provincial coinage of the Roman Empire in the period AD 138–192. Coins are mass-produced objects, so that from the historical point of view it does not make sense to confine consideration to the collection in any one museum. The project is based on the ten most important and accessible collections in the world (the 'core collections' — see table), and on all published material. This represents the first systematic treatment of the civic coinage at the height of the Roman empire, and will have great importance for the study of cultural, religious, political, economic, and administrative history at both a local and an imperial level.

The material is relevant to a wide range of taught courses under both Classics and Archaeology, at both a graduate and undergraduate level. It is also a vital resource for the international research community and other interested parties.

The project is based in the Heberden Coin Room of the Ashmolean Museum, which is part of the University of Oxford.
Identification search Identify a coin and/or find a standard reference for it. Iconographic search Investigate the types of imagery used on coins either for all mints or by region. Advanced search Choose search criteria for any purpose. Some experience of the material may be necessary.

Other facilities

Purse Gather and hold on to selected coins for the duration of your session. Submit a new coin type Send us details of any Antonine coin type you believe not to be included in this database. Abbreviations A table of the abbreviations used in the database.

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