Monday, February 06, 2012

Arab leaders boost Dominican archaeologist’s quest for Cleopatra

SANTO DOMINGO.- Egypt's new military authorities have reissued the license to Dominican archaeologist Kathleen Martinez to resume the excavations in the historic search for the tomb of Cleopatra, an investigation that has piqued the interest and obtained the support of the leaders of the United Arab Emirates.

Martinez made the announcement Friday, but also revealed the theft of many of the artifacts she had already unearthed and the "disappearance" of the excavation equipment during the year-long turmoil in Egypt.

She said the process to recover her excavation license has already passed through several departments, "so we are ready to return and resume the investigation."

Martinez said the she was invited to a private audience by the sheiks of the United Arab Emirates, where its royal facility discussed the project with her.

The attorney turned tomb hunter said on expressing her concerns over the protection of her archaeological finds, the UAE leaders encouraged her to continue her search, "and let the world worry about protecting your discoveries."

"They invited me and honored me with encouragement to continue with my search," she said, interviewed by Huchi Lora on Channel 11.

Close to Cleopatra

Explaining the progress in her quest, Martinez was upbeat despite the year-long hiatus forced by the revolt in Egypt. "We found the plaque of the tomb of Isis, this confirms my theory of Cleopatra's burial site."


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