Monday, January 09, 2012

Sections of Romain mosaic floor stolen

Thieves in Spain have stolen three sections of mosaic floor from a Roman archaeological site, irreparably damaging the site.

A priceless IV Century Roman mosaic in Baños de Valderados, Burgos, has been irreparably damaged by thieves, who ripped out three separate sections, including one measuring almost 2.5 square metres, in a theft which was discovered on Wednesday.

The 66 square metre mosaic was only discovered in 1972 and depicts the Roman god Bacchus and was one of the best preserved Roman mosaics of the Iberian Peninsula. The local Mayor, Lorenzo Izcara, told El País that the thieves caused havoc and tremendous damage when they 'barbarously' chipped out the stolen sections, 'probably with a chisel'.

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