Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Roman-era Relief from Santorini



Tip o' the pileus to Diana Wright for passing this one along from Athens News:

A Roman-era engraved marble slab was unearthed on Tuesday on the island of Santorini near the settlement of Perissa, during excavations for a water supply and sewage system that were being conducted under the supervision of the 2nd Ephorate for Byzantine Antiquities.

The slab is 1.82 meters in length and 0.91 meters in height, with a thickness of 0.25m, and depicts two adult male figures. The right-side figure bears the inscription MELIS and the left-side figure the inscription HARICLES.

The wider area of Perissas where the marble slab was found is of great architectural interest.

via: Roman-era marble slab unearthed on Santorini

It seems incredibly clean and at the same time, not finished, no? The cynic in me sees something of recent creation, but I'm hardly an expert in that regard. I hope we'll hear a bit more about this … I can't find any more details …