Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The regionalization of equestrians and centurions in the Roman Imperial Army

McCormack, Eric P.

M.A.Thesis, University of New Brunswick (1994)


A secondary analysis of the findings from the prosopographical researches of seven researchers was conducted to determine if there were any significant connections in the specifics of the regionalisation of equestrian officers and centurions in the Roman army during the period from the reign of Augustus to that of Menus,27BCE-268CE. An additional process, the study of provincialization, was developed to determine if there were similarities in the rate of regionalisation of the officer groups within the provinces. Analysis of the data base developed
through the secondary analysis revealed that regionalization did occur among both officer groups during the period under study and that the process did not take place at the same rate or to the sarne extent for both groups. The analysis of the provincialization trends revealed that no signifiant comection could be made in the regionalization of the two officer groups based on the simultaneous changes in the proportions of officers with the same place of origin. From the analysis of the data and the factors affecting the provincialization of each of the two officer groups it was determined that, apart from the overall time frame, there was no comection between the regionalization of equestrian officers and centurions.

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