Monday, January 02, 2012

Constantine Remained Pagan - Why One Reader Denies That Constantine Was a Christian.

You may have heard that Constantine became a Christian in A.D. 312. You may have learned this in connection with the battle Constantine fought his co-emperor Maxentius at the Milvian Bridge. You may even have learned this on a television gameshow like Jeopardy! This is not a religious opinion, but is one based on interpretation of events. Ancient/Classical History at is not a theological site; it is an historical one. Although I am not alone in remaining unconvinced of the early date of Constantine's conversion, I have attempted to answer the question of Constantine's religion from the perspective of my understanding of the early history of Christianity. [See: Was Constantine a Christian?] Like most topics connected with religion — in any way whatsoever, my answer or approach does not satisfy everyone.

The following is a heated letter from email denying that Constantine was a Christian and explaining why. I have lightly edited it to bring the punctuation more in line with the standard. I have also edited out most of the first name.

Hi J.S. and merry Christmas   I was curious to read the reasons you call Constantine Christian. I fear you are parroting Roman Catholic  "tradition, dogma, lies, and Popish error."   Constantine may have waited to get "baptized" --that's fine; however, NO-=ONE becomes a Christian by getting baptized. PERIOD.   ---------in the RC church maybee--BUT this is NOT a christian organization ------------ have you ever studied the inquisitions?---do you know the office was NEVER abolished, and that RATZINGER is the current head of the office TO-DAY?   There is NO evidence that Constantine has left, on coinage, his arch, his actions ---murdering, "fooling around" ---absolutely NOTHING about the man gives ANY indication that his life changed at ANY time from Milvian bridge to his deathbed.   ROMAN CATHOLIC TRADITION is the only thing we have to go on ---and tradition is a pack of lies from the murder of the APOSTLES to Constantine  setting up a pope in Rome in the WEST --then moving to Constantinople where he becomes  "THE WICKED POPE OF THE EAST."   Eusebius is NO christian  either  --how reliable can it be, that an ARIAN calls a PAGAN a Christian??   Surely anyone with eyes to see can tell that Eusebius is playing the politician, and Constantine's political counsils are convened to placate the ever fast growing new Religion??   Eusebius a Christian?--surely this is a joke??   Arianism is the antethisis of Christianity  so is Roman Catholicism!!!--------these guys KILLED the true Christian bishops to gain power, and have been covering up their MURDERS with this RED HERRING that Constantine was Christian, ever since.   There is ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE of a CHANGED LIFE on Constantines part ---EVER  sorry dear, but Constantine always was and IS a PAGAN.    Popish ERROR and Arian lies must be wiped from history asap. I present the following set of statements from the writings from the pen of one of Eusebius' students--make your own conclusions as to whether arianism is Christian.   Jesus was NOT raised bodily from the grave. Jesus did not die on the cross because God cant die. Jesus was not begotten by Holy Spirit. Man will not have a physical resurrection. The sun, moon, and stars are living creatrures.  All, even the devil, will be reconsiled to God. Holy Spirit is NOT a person. The Virgin Mary is perpetually virgin --(-see song of Mary    Luke 1; 46,47)-- Mary had sons and daughters AFTER Jesus). The soul of man will return through endless stages (re-incarnation). Jesus will not return in bodily form. Jesus attached himself to a PURE uncorrupted soul just before the incarnation. Pergatory exists.   This aberrant belief system is Arianism as WRITTEN by Origen --a Man that Romanism dares to call a CHURCH FATHER.   comments appreciated truth above all R[....] Ward 
The following BBC News article Space impact 'saved Christianity': Did a meteor over central Italy in AD 312 change the course of Roman and Christian history?, from 2003, says:
"According to Ormo, it would have struck the Earth with the force of a small nuclear bomb, perhaps a kiloton in yield. It would have looked like a nuclear blast, with a mushroom cloud and shockwaves.

It would have been quite an impressive sight and, if it really was what Constantine saw, could have turned the tide of the conflict.

But what would have happened if this chance event - perhaps as rare as once every few thousand years - had not occurred in Italy at that time? Maxentius might have won the battle. Roman history would have been different and the struggling Christians might not have received state patronage.

The history of Christianity and the establishment of the popes in Rome might have been very different.