Monday, December 19, 2011

The new way to make money from others' work:

Dear All, and especially blog owners and publishers on the Web,

I just discovered that  my posts were used to make money by somebody else... 

On the statistics page of my blog (Blogger), a new trafic source just made it through with 241 views last week:

At the beginning, I tought that  somebody was making links directly to my posts. I was not far from the truth. As links effectively are, but making money for somebody else!

The referral system allow anybody to create a link to ANY webpage or blog post on the web and so to make money from the traffic on this link! In other words, making money from your back.

I complained to I am wating for their answer.

For the time being, I will keep on posting anyhow... but will look for a parade. 

PS: Just got the answer from


This looks like referral spam to me. The sole purpose was to get you
and other blog owners to visit the URL because you've seen it
in your stats.

I have suspended their account, thank you for letting us know.

Kind Regards,