Tuesday, December 06, 2011

New Full Parts of Roman Road Uncovered at Prophet Horie Site in Aleppo


Nov 30, 2011

ALEPPO, (SANA) –New full large parts of the Roman straight road were uncovered in the excavation works carried out by the joint Syrian-Lebanese archaeological mission at the site of Prophet Horie.

The road is surrounded by a pavement with porticos designed after the pattern of the Roman cities.

Director of Antiquities and Museums of Aleppo, Dr. Joseph Kenjo, said the discovery of this part of the Roman road completes the results of the archeological excavations conducted during the previous seasons.

Kenjo noted that the mission began its work for the current season in November and has worked over 30 days to unearth parts of the straight road, which is believed to extend from the southern entrance of Aleppo city to its northern gate.

The site of Prophet Horie dates back to the third century BC and includes ruins dating back to the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Islamic periods. It is the largest archaeological site in Syria from the classical period.

F. Allafi/H. Said