Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hannibal: The Man, The Myth, The Mystery

Hannibal: The Man, The Myth, The Mystery

First aired in 2008 on BBC and National Geographic Channel

In a series of epic battles, Hannibal brought Rome to the brink of destruction, but in the end it was Hannibal's army that was obliterated. Where did it all go wrong for one of history's most famous figures?

Hannibal: The Man, The Myth, The Mystery looks at the seven stages in the century-long conflict between Carthage and Rome which would bring about the annihilation of Hannibal's civilisation, and the birth of the Roman Empire.

Starting with the epic naval defeat that would motivate Hannibal, this documentary looks at the turning points that brought about one of the most important power shifts in history. With the help of the world's leading experts on Hannibal, the truth behind the myths is gradually revealed.

Here is six video clips from this program:

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