Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tattershall’s Roman history is uncovered

Tattershall's Roman history is uncovered - Community - Market Rasen Mail

EVIDENCE of early Roman life in Tattershall has been uncovered during an archaeological survey carried out by Tesco.

And the findings will be displayed in the new Tesco store set to open in the village next year.

Archaeologists have been on the Blacksmith's Corner site for several months, as part of the planning process ahead of the development.

Alan Ford from AOC Archeology Group said: "The earliest phase of activity identified on site occurred during the early Roman period, primarily consisting of ditches that may form part of a field system laid out in a gridded or ladder pattern.

"This activity continued into the late Roman period with the alteration of some of the field system.

"The site appears to have been abandoned for much of the next 500 years with the next phase of activity dated to AD 1066 - 1200, although this activity consisted of only a single ditch.

"The very low level of activity continued throughout much of the medieval period with only occasional pits and a pond being recorded."

The research also shows an increase in activity in the mid 15th century which is about the time Tattershall Castle was built.

Louise Gosling, spokeswoman for Tesco said: "we have had a lot of interest from local people about the archaeological work being carried out on site.

"So we thought that once the store is built, it would be a good idea to display the findings inside."

Plans for building the new Tesco store will soon be starting.

Louide added: "We are keen to start work on building the store as soon as possible, and hope to open to customers by summer next year."

Planning permission was given to Tesco last year following a successful appeal.