Friday, November 11, 2011

Powered By Osteons: Roman DNA Project Update

Powered By Osteons: Roman DNA Project Update

Powered By Osteons: Roman DNA Project Update

11 November 2011

Roman DNA Project Update

I posted just 10 days ago about my new endeavor - the Roman DNA Project. With a group of 48 other scientists, I put together a crowdfunding proposal and put my ideas out there for the public to consider. And, boy, have you responded! We've already raised over $2,600 for ancient DNA analysis, and we've attracted the attention of international news agencies and blogs.

Check out the links below and, of course, consider making a donation so that we can reach our funding goal and test all the immigrants to Rome to see where they came from.

The official Roman DNA Project logo!

11/11/11 - Ed Yong at CNN's Light Years blog, "Who were the 99% of ancient Rome?" 11/8/11 - Lars Fischer at Spektrum der Wissenschaft (Germany's edition of Scientific American), "Milde Gaben für die Forschung." 11/7/11 - Lucas Brouwers at NRC Handelsblad (Dutch daily newspaper), "Onderzoekers gaan op de bedeltoer." 11/7/11 - Lisa Vozza at Zanichelli (Italian publishing house), "Serve aiuto per studiare il DNA dei migranti nell'antica Roma." 11/11/11 - Kevin Zelnio at EvoEcoLab, "#SciFund puts YOU in charge of science funding." 11/10/11 - Rainer Schred at Archaeologik, "Betteln im Netz - neue Weg der Finanzierung von Forschungsprojekten." 11/2/11 - David Meadows at Rogue Classicism, "Ancient Roman DNA Project." 11/2/11 - Shawn Graham at Electric Archaeology, "Crowdfunding archaeology: ancient Roman DNA Project." 11/1/11 - Dienekes Pontikos at Dienekes' Anthropology Blog, "Roman DNA Project."

We appreciate all the press and shout-outs from people around the world. It's really exciting to see so many people interested in this research.

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