Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Porticus Octaviae


The todays Portico D’Ottavia or Porticus Octaviae was built in 27 BC in archeological area of Rome, in a southern part of Campus Martius and is concidered to be the oldest quadriporto (four-sided porch) in Rome.

Located near the theater of Marcellus (like the other porticos behind the scaenae of typical Roman theaters) - was supposed to be a place of rest and relaxation during all day programs of performances - The remains of columns and fragmented pediment of Porticus Octaviae once formed a part of vast rectangular portico (139x119m), supported by 300 columns.The structure replaced the other portico called Porticus Octavia that had been built in 146 BC by builder called Octavius.

Portico D’Ottavia was commisioned by Augustus in 27 BC to commemorate Octavia Minor - Augustus’s sister and wife to Marc Antony, a woman of a state and a very important person for both of them.

The structure was adorned with foreign marble and within its colonnaded walks included preexisting buildings like temple of Juno Regina and temple of Jupiter Stator and also a library.

Entire area has a lovely history but is often underestimated by the tourists beacuse it is not as spectacular as the other remains of Rome.