Friday, November 18, 2011

Hippo Sandal Reborn

Hippo Sandal Reborn

Since I started this blog I have discovered a great deal of interest in the Hippo sandal from my readers.  In fact posts discussing the hippo sandal are the ones which are most popular statistically and amongst my friends thinking up new and exciting uses for these strange artifacts has become one of our most common pub activities.  At the end of last month I was shaken from my comfortable intellectual existence, where I think, dress as a Roman and shout at children and forced at wife point to my nieces birthday party.  Which manifested itself as a pony party in a orchard.  Surrounded by squealing children, fresh air and parents I discovered that this is not my natural environment.  I got talking to the horse owner, Amanda Keech, and inevitably I brought up the Hippo sandal.

She thoughtfully considered my description of the artifact, as a child bobbed along on a pony, and described a modern version that had recently come onto the market.

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As you can see this is a shoe that fits over the horses hoof and provides a cushion like a humans running shoe.  Could this be the reason why ancient horses did not suffer from many of the endemic diseases that modern horses suffer from, like shin splints?