Friday, November 11, 2011

The Berth – Iron Age and Romano-British ‘Hillfort’ Virtual Tour

The Berth – Iron Age and Romano-British 'Hillfort' Virtual Tour


The Berth – Iron Age and Romano-British 'Hillfort' Virtual Tour

The virtual tour of this enigmatic 'hillfort' in North Shropshire, England that you're about to experience was created almost seven years ago when I was co-director of a company called Pastscapes. Whilst the tour was never completed it still gives an insight into this amazing ancient monument that was only one mile from my previous home near Baschurch.

It was developed using an immersive tour software called Tourweaver – normally used by real estate agents – and includes both photographs of the area as well as CGI composite reconstruction, created using Cinema 4D and Photoshop.

The Berth has been said to be the burial place of King Arthur by Philips and Keatman in their book King Arthur – The True Story, but, as yet, there's no solid evidence that it was ever occupied beyond the 4th century. A planned dig by English Heritage should answer that one.

To take the tour click HERE, and follow the instruction.  It takes a little while to load and you will need an up to date Java plugin.  Some links – for example those that say 'ENLARGE' – will not work as they are referencing an old site that no longer exists.



CREDITS: Modelling: Peter Hurst; Texturing, Lighting, Compositing, Tour Creation: Mak Wilson

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