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Article: So, how many classical vocal works on Cleopatra can there possibly be?

So, how many classical vocal works on Cleopatra can there possibly be?

…you'll be surprised!!

It's only natural that composers would take advantage of Cleopatra's legendary popularity. Through much research, I found that there are over 60 classical vocal works that portray Cleopatra some of these pieces are featured on my new CD Cleopatra's Voice

Andreozzi, Gaetano: La morte di Cleopatra (1797)
Anfossi, Pasquale: Cleopatra (1779)
Awad, Sayed: The Death of Cleopatra (19??)

Barber, Samuel: Antony and Cleopatra (1966) Beer, Jules: La Fille d'E'gypte (1862)
Bensa, Giuseppe: Cleopatra (1889)
*Berlioz, Hector: La Mort de Cléopâtre [cantata] (1829)
Bonamici, Ferdinando: Cleopatra (1879)
Bondeville, Emmanuel: Antoine et Cléopâtre (1972)


Canazzi, Antonio: La Cleopatra (1653)
*Carraud, Gaston: Cléopâtre (1890)
Castrovillari, Daniele: Cleopatra (1662)
Chadwick, George Whitefield: Cleopatra [tone poem] (1904)
Chiusano, Gerard: Antony and Cleopatra (2004)
Cimarosa, Domenico: La Cleopatra (1789)
Colonna, Giovanni Paolo: Cleopatra moribonda [cantata] (16??)

Dall'Angelo, Giacamo: La Cleopatra (????) Darwish, Sayed: Cleopatra and Marc-Antony (1927)
Domenico: La Cleopatra (1789)
Durkee, Norman: Omnium (2005)

Enna, August: Cleopatra (1895)

Freudenberg, Wihelm: Cleopatra (1884)
Furey, Lewis: Antoine et Cléopâtre (2006)

Gounod, Charles: Variation de Cléopâtre [from Faust] (1859)
*Graun, Carl Heinrich: Cleopatra e Cesare (1742)

Grey, Henry: Cleopatra (????)
Griffes, Charles: Cleopatra to the Asp [song] (1912)
Grossmith, George Jr. & Rubens, Paul: Great Caesar [burlesque] (1899)
Gruenberg, Louis: One Night of Cleopatra (1954)


Hadley, Henry Kimball: Cleopatra's Night (1920)
Hamilton, Iain: Cleopatra [dramatic scene for soprano & orchestra] (1977)
*Handel, George Fredric: Giulio Cesare in Egitto (1724)
*Hasse, Johann Adolph: Antonio e Cleopatra (1725)
Havergal, Brian: Vision of Cleopatra (1907)
Herbert, Victor: The Wizard of the Nile (1895) Hofmeyr, Hendrik: The Death of Cleopatra [vocal chamber work] (1986)
Hosni, Daoud: Cleopatra (1927)
Huss, Henry Holden: Cleopatra's death (dramatic fragment for soprano & orchestra) (????)


Kaffka, Johann: Antonius und Cleopatra (1799)
Krebs, Stanley: Cleopatra's farewell : a song-aria for high voice (????)

*Litta, Paola: Morte di Cleopatra (1914)

Malipiero, Gian Francesco: Antonio e Cleopatra (1937)

Marinelli, Gaetano: La morte di Cleopatra (1800) Massé, Victor: Une nuit de Cléopâtre (1885) Massenet, Jules-Émile-Frédéric: Cléopâtre (1914) Mattheson, Johann: Die unglückselige Kleopatra, Königin von Ägypten (1704)
McCoy, William Johnston: Egypt (????)
*McDowall, Cecilia: "Give Me My Robe" [song from 4 Shakespeare Songs for Soprano] (1999)
Montfort, Alexandre: La mort de Cléopâtre [cantata] (1829)

Nasolini/Nazolin, Sebastiano: La morte di Cleopatra (1791)

*Pacini, Giovanni: Cesare in Egitto (1821)

Prévost, Eugène: La mort de Cléopâtre [cantata] (1829)

Rashid, Hasan: Masra' Antonio (1842)
Reise, Jay: Cleopatra [aria] (19??)
Rossi, Lauro: Cleopatra (1876)

Scarlatti, Alessandro: Antonio e Cleopatra (1701)
Siedle, Carl: I am dying, Egypt, dying : or Anthony and Cleopatra (????)

Sografi, Simeone Antonio: La morte di Cleopatra (1796)
Stewart, Robert: Cleopatra : for soprano and chamber ensemble (????)
Straus, Oscar: Die Perlen der Kleopatra (1923)

Vete, Albert: Down on the Nile: The Romance of Antony and Cleopatra (1945)
Vores, Andy: Cleopatra (19??)

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