Monday, November 07, 2011

Article: A second roman ship to Fiumicino | Comic Artists

A second roman ship to Fiumicino | Comic Artists

A second roman ship to Fiumicino

by freelancer on 06. Nov, 2011 in Comics

Unfortunately the rain of the last days, is demonstrating true enemy of the Italian archaeological patrimony.
And perhaps it is not the only one. A discovered roman ship during the archaeological surveys for the new Bridge of the Scafa, would turn out abandoned same himself, because, as usual, in Italy the deep ones lack on Hotel Aeroporto Fiumicino.

To denounce it is the Severiana Association that in a famous one has declared: "There is a roman ship, but nobody of it speaks. The million euro promises from the minister of the Cultural Assets lack, Giancarlo Galan, and from the undersecretary to the cultural Assets, Francisco Maria Turn and nothing feint is made".
"It piove to excessive on the diggings in course, not adequately protect – the famous one continues – are not attempted deep in sum urgency in order to save the reperti. And while all this goes in wave, what happens? The digging trenches are covered on the side of Fiumicino and the surveys are stopped on the Wafer side. To 3 years from the Commissariamento of the archaeological area of Rome and ancient Ostia, in order to exceed "the emergenziale situation due to the climatic events us of exceptional nature of November and December 2008" (rains of minor intensity of those of little days orsono) archaeology is to skids, comprised so-called "preventive archaeology" (law 109/2005) of which all they fill up the mouth".

According to the Association "it would have been own task of the soprintendenze to signal where archaeologically important elements could emerge in work course but it has thus not been from the beginning and today it is being found again of all. To this point before that other damages to the archaeological patrimony come perpetrated, putting to the light the reperti but not having the deep ones in order protect them, the choices that remain are alone two: to carry out important modifications or to completely cancel an insane work like the new Bridge of the Scafa, since other solutions exist in order to improve the practicability in that quadrant.