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Article: Roman History Course Online!

Roman History Course Online!

Roman History Course Online! « rogueclassicism


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02 Nov 2011 Leave a Comment

Roman History Course Online!

David Wharton posted this on the Latinteach list:

The UNCG Greensboro Department of Classical Studies is happy to announce that we will offer a graduate-level, online course, Readings in Roman History (CCI 579) for Spring 2011. Enrollment is open to students with a B.A. in Latin (or equivalent).

The course examines themes and topics in Roman history from the founding of the Republic in 509 BC through the death of Marcus Aurelius in AD 180, with particular attention focused on the three centuries between the First Punic War and the end of the Julio-Claudian line. Through a variety of primary and secondary sources, including both archaeological and literary evidence, we will build a strong foundation in the social, political, and legal history of Rome. Knowledge of Latin is required, but the majority of the readings will be in English. The course is designed to give secondary school Latin teachers a solid foundation in Roman history, and its online format should make it easy to fit into your busy schedules. It fulfills a core requirement in our M.Ed. in Latin curriculum, but has spaces reserved for non-degree students as well.

For more information about the course or about our M.Ed. in Latin program (nearly all of which can now be completed online), please contact our Director of Graduate Study, Dr. David Wharton (wharton AT or the instructor for this course, Dr. Jonathan Zarecki (jpzareck AT

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