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Article: Bulgarian man stumbles across ancient treasure

Bulgarian man stumbles across ancient treasure

7 October 2011
Bulgarian man stumbles across ancient treasure

A jobless Bulgarian man scraping a living by hunting for scrap metal has uncovered a haul of Bronze Age treasure worth 1.5 million euros, about $2 million. The 42-year-old discovered the trove of jewellery, coins and tools potentially dating back 4,000 years among the roots of a tree in the northern town of Svichtov. Under Bulgaria law such relics are the property of the state.
     "This major discovery significantly enhances our knowledge of the Bronze Age," archaeologist Pavlina Vladkova told Bulgaria's 24 Hours newspaper. Two bronze axes, seven pieces of gold jewellery and six golden coins make up the cache discovered earlier this month.

Edited from The Daily Star (24 September 2011)

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