Thursday, September 08, 2011

On This Day (07 september)

Accord­ing to Jose­phus, Jerusalem finally fell to the Romans in AD 70 on the 8th of Gor­paios. As I under­stand it, Gor­paios is the Mace­don­ian equiv­a­lent of the Baby­lon­ian month of Elul, used as the last month in the Jew­ish cal­en­dar, and, accord­ing to an online cal­en­dar con­verter I found, in 2011 the 8th of Elul is, in the Gre­go­rian reck­on­ing, the 7th of Sep­tem­ber. So it seems that today is the anniver­sary of the com­ple­tion of the sack of Jerusalem (though the Tem­ple had been destroyed about a month ear­lier on Tisha B’av).

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