Friday, September 23, 2011

Gladiators: A Day at the Games

When we think of games today, we usually think of sporting events and the Olympic Games.  In Ancient Rome in the year of 264 B.C.E. the first know gladiatorial games took place.  It was part of the funeral (munera) of Decimus Brutus Pera.  The games would last about 100 days and used about 9,000 beasts and hundreds of gladiators.

A typical day at the games would consist of three parts.  A morning hunt, the lunchtime executions, and finally the afternoon gladiator battles.  At the break of dawn the Roman soldiers would wake up the gladiators and slaves and get them ready to fight for the day.  This involved stretching and practice fighting with wooden swords.  The audience would start to arrive and fill the amphitheatre by the thousands by walking up steep staircases through the walkways known as the ambulacra.  People would come from all over to watch the games.

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