Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Archeological park opens in İzmir

An archeological park exhibiting exact replicas of excavated pieces opened on Monday at Klaros, the site of an important ancient Greek shrine to Apollo, in Menderes, İzmir province.

In a speech given at the opening ceremony, İzmir Governor Cahit Kıraç said Turkey and İzmir are a paradise for tourists, and that the historical artifacts left in the city by various civilizations should be viewed by the world.

“I resent the fact that only 15 percent of the site has been excavated so far. I expect that this work will be completed as soon as possible. This project is important to our minister of culture and tourism. The İzmir Chamber of Commerce and İzmir Development Agency [İZKA] extends its full support to the Smyrna and Agora excavations. More than 210,000 archeological pieces are in storage [in İzmir]. I would like to express the need for a Museum of Aegean Civilizations,” Governor Kıraç went on to say.

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