Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spartacus (dir. Robert Dornhelm, 2004)

I bought this 2004 TV miniseries largely because it stars Luka from ER, a man who can recite Hamlet in Croatian and is pretty nifty with a sword (what can I say, I have strange tastes). It also has James Frain in it. Yum. And much to my surprise, it’s actually pretty good! It’s very, very cheesy, but still… pretty good. It has a sense of humour, which helps.

The opening scenes make it clear that the series is telling Varinia’s story, more than Spartacus’, which is a good idea – watching the Kubrick film, I found myself wondering why the film kept going and going after the slave army was defeated, but here there’s more of a sense that it’s not over until we know what happens to Varinia and the baby.

By Juliette Harrison

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