Friday, August 12, 2011

Review: Rome – From the Origins to Italy’s Capital (Quebec City)

Well, since not a heckuva lot seems to be happening, I can do some catching up with things … one of the things we opened our summer up with was with a trip to Quebec City to drop one of our kids off at a French immersion course he was taking at Laval. While driving about, we noticed ads for something called Rome: From the Origins to Italy’s Capital at the Musée de la civilisation and it turned out it is a major exhibit of assorted items throughout Rome’s history (Roman times to the nineteenth century) . 

Sadly, they didn’t let anyone take photos, but I feigned ignorance of that, so here’s a taste of some of the items … but I should note that the Capitoline she-wolf is the initial item as soon as you wade past the kiddie-campers plugging the entrance; the exhibition buys the made-in-medieval-times dating for that (we might have a post on that later; we’ve been chatting with Dorothy King on related matters).

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