Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mystery in a jar

Nothing like a good mystery or two to draw public attention. That's the situation at the Museum of Ontario Archeology in northwest London.

It traditionally features thousands of aboriginal artifacts, but a new exhibit at the museum has a riches of mystery.

A large piece of Roman pottery filled with holes retrieved from a blitzkrieg bomb crater in London, England, following the Second World War. It is a 1,900-year-old relic from the Roman occupation of Britain. Why is it here?

An exhibit of axe heads, spears, figures, pottery and stone tools, some dating back 9,000 years, the dawn of civilization, retrieved from a dig near modern-day Baghdad, Iraq. How did this stuff get to London, Ont?

Do archeologists in England even know we have this ancient stuff one of their members traded away?

What happened to the native artifacts from here that went there as part of a swap?

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