Friday, August 26, 2011

The Emperor Aurelian’s Campaign through Anatolia: From Byzantium to Antioch

Introduction: The emperor Aurelian, or Lucius Domitius Aurelianus, was born on September 9, 214 A.D., but nothing is known for certain about either his birthplace or his family background. Nor is anything known of his career until he played a role in the assassination of the emperor Gallienus in 268 as commander of the Dacian cavalry.
Aurelian himself ascended to the purple in early October 270. He became emperor in a time when every one of the 20-odd emperors since Septimius Severus had been executed or assassinated. By 270, the infamous crisis of the third century was finally drawing to a close after decades of war, plague, and famine. During the 6 reigns before Aurelian’s, barbarians from the north and east had attacked the empire so fiercely that they seemed to foreshadow the fall of the western empire 200 years later.
By Emily Wagner
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