Monday, August 08, 2011

Daily Mail Archaeology: "How the West was Won"

The Daily Mail's Archaeology Correspondent working incognito has written an enthusiastic article about a hoard found by PAS "partners" with their metal detectors.

"The discovery of a hoard of 100 ancient coins could prove the Romans conquered more of the South West than thought, it has been claimed. It had been believed that Exeter, in Devon, was the last major outpost of the ancient empire. But the chance find of the treasure and evidence of a huge settlement further west may force historians into a rethink. As one of the 'most significant Roman discoveries for many decades', it has challenged the theory that fierce resistance from local tribes to the invaders stopped them from moving any further.

This text has got coineys over the sea ever so excited. Californian dugup artefact dealer Dave Welsh would apparently like to sell his clients "ancient coins like this one" (just look more closely at the picture) found by site-plundering artefact hunters under Britain's ever-so-liberal laws and thinks

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