Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Archaeological Dig In Leicester Uncovers Curse On Roman Cloak Thief

Forget ASBOs or community service - Roman Britons had their own way of dealing with miscreants: stick a curse on them.
Archaeologists in Leicester have found evidence of such a penalty on a 1,700-year-old lead tablet invoking the god Maglus to destroy a humble cloak thief.

The tablet, found on Vine Street during the most extensive archaeological excavations ever made in the city, was translated by a specialist at Oxford University and reads:

“To the god Maglus, I give the wrongdoer who stole the cloak of Severandus … that he destroy him before the ninth day, the person who stole the cloak of Severandus …”

A list of 18 or 19 suspects follows – the tablet does not record what happens to them next.

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