Friday, July 01, 2011

Sleeping Romans

At Arbeia (South Shields) fort, you can see life size reconstructions of a gateway, the luxurious commanders house and one of the barrack blocks as seen above for the soldiers.

The commander would have had heated flooring, many large decorative rooms, as well as his own bathroom, toilet, several servants and rather a good standard of living whilst serving within the army. However, as you can see, the Roman auxiliary soldiers who manned the forts along Hadrian's Wall and the rest of the empire, had rather more humble living quarters.
The standard Auxiliary unit was a Cohort made up of a number of Centuries of 80 men, which was split into 8 ten men units. In later periods, the size and types of units within the Roman army changed and you can see from the remains at some Wall forts, that alterations were made to the original barrack block design, so as to better fit these later, usually smaller units.

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