Friday, June 24, 2011

New Thracian grave found in northeastern Bulgaria

Ancient Thracian golden and bronze finds have been excavated by archaeologists in the town of Opaka, district Turgovishte, in northeastern Bulgaria, private channel bTV reported on June 23 2011.
During excavations of the grave park, scientists found a preserved Thracian tumulus from 2nd century CE full of rich funeral artifacts.
The sites yielded unique discoveries  - six leaves of a golden wreath and bronze figurines - and provided more proof of the continued importance of the town of Opeka in northeastern Bulgaria.
"The man buried must have been a prominent and wealthy Thracian public figure. As these golden and bronze jewellery and figurines are put only in the graves of the richest," archaeologist and historian Stamen Stanev from Popovo History Museum told bTV.
The body in the grave was burnt but the funeral objects around it had been preserved - glass, bronze and ceramic artifacts.
Archaeologists believe that all these funeral objects had been imported from abroad.

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