Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Milestone in History

Just west of Great Chesters Roman fort you'll pass by the above gateway, one of many made through Hadrian's Wall. Upon walking by you may not notice the tall round stone which the gate is attached too and recognise it as a rare Roman Milestone, taken from the nearby Roman Stanegate road.

Before Hadrian's Wall was ever thought about, a Roman road was built from Corbridge Roman town and fort in the east to Carlisle in the west. Along this road a series of forts were built and it became the official line of the frontier once the Roman army had slowly withdrawn back from upper Scotland.

The name Stanegate is a medieval name which means stone road, as opposed to the usual dirt tracks which most people had to travel on at that time. Along many Roman roads milestones were positioned and on them would be found the distance to the nearest major site, names of the army unit who constructed them and the name of the current emperor etc.

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